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Multiplication Limericks

7 x 7 is easy,
Like cheddar is something that’s cheesy,
Makes 49,
All of the time,
Whether cloudy, or rainy, or breezy...

Products should come to your mind,
When this is the type of math sign,
It lets us all know,
Multiplication's a go,
Follow, and products you'll find...

Times tables can tackle math blues,
Times tables are what can be used,
When multiplication,
Pulls up to the station,
They help us from feeling confused...

If Pete's product, is something times ten,
He always knows what to do then,
A zero he drops,
On the end, then he stops,
It looks like the egg of a hen...
5 x 10 = 5
hen egg

The product of
something and 1,
The same thing that started the fun,
It's not very strange,
The something won’t change,
When you multiply something by 1!

A student who shall multiply,
Will really and surely fly high,
If she rehearses,
Her times table verses,
Her math is as easy as pie...

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