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Mary Moo
(adding 4 + 4)

A friendly girl named Mary-Moo,
2 dear dogs near the zoo!

Mary took the 2 dogs home,
Gave them paint,
And a bone...
Mary left those dogs at home,
And once they found themselves alone,
They painted through the day and night,
Now Mary's house was such a sight!
With 4 paws each,
Those dogs did paint,
With 4 paws each,
And no restraint,
They painted high,
They painted low,
The colors on her walls did glow!
Returning home,
She said, "Oh no!"
My room feels like a fine rainbow...

If each of the 2 dogs had 4 paws,
how many paws did Mita's two dogs have together?

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Math Challenges
How many paws do 3 dogs have?
How many paws do 3 dogs have and 1 cat have together?
If you are in a room with 7 dogs, how many legs are in the room? (don't forget to count your own legs!)


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