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Sid At Bat

purple baseball bat Glaring at the pitcher,
With an angry stare,
Sid said, "Throw your best pitch,
I'll hit it outta here!!!"
The pitcher held the hard ball,
"We'll see what you can do,
With my Super-Curve ball,
Sinker-slider number two!!!"
Sid laughed really loudly,
"It's time to play some ball!!!
I'm gonna hit your best pitch,
Over that-there wall!!" 
The ball it came a flyin'
It looked just like a pea,
Sid swung his bat,
And missed the ball,
He fell down to his knee...
The pitcher cracked a smile,
It wasn't very fair...
The one thing,
Sid had hit real hard,
Was the nighttime air...
"I hope that was your joke pitch,
I hope that ain't your best,
If you throw that pitch again,
I'll lay it out to rest!"
out to rest
The pitcher stared for signals,
The catcher called the call,
girl baseball catcher
The pitcher pitched the next pitch,
Sid waited for the ball...
The baseball danced so slowly,
A curve from outside in,
His swinging bat,
Missed the ball,
Would he ever win???
sad sid
The pitcher chucked a chuckle,
laughing pitcher
The catcher giggled too,
The umpire laughed,
And then he said,
"I believe that makes strike-two!"
Sid looked at his coach now,
Standing down the line,
Got his signals,
Then he screamed,
"This one is all mine!!!"
The catcher set the target,
baseball catcher
The pitcher threw the ball,
pitcher throws
The bat was swung by Sid real hard,
This time he got it all!" 
Sid saw the ball go flying,
Way into the sky,
No one ever saw a ball,
Hit so very high...

bird flys by ball
The pitcher quit the game,
The catcher felt so blue,
Sid ran all the bases,
His team won 3 to 2!!!
The fans they all went crazy,
A curtain-call for Sid,
fans go crazy
He tipped his hat,
And took a bow,
The amazing kid!!!
"Sid your dinner's ready,"
He heard Mom from the hall,
He left his bat,
In his room,
But took his homerun ball...

homerun baseball 



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