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Hidden Tigers
(adding 2 + 2)

Two tricky, striped tigers,
Hid fast in the grass,
tiger cartoon tiger cartoon
While 2 other striped tigers,
Just happened to pass,
The second 2 tigers,
Joined the first 2,
tiger cartoontiger cartoon
Hiding and hiding, where nobody knew,
How many striped tigers had hid out of sight?
2 + 2 tigers make 4 day or night…

tiger cartoontiger cartoontiger cartoontiger cartoon

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Math Challenges
If 3 tigers have 2 stripes each, how many stripes do they have in total?
If 2 tigers, and 2 people were in a room together, how many legs would there be in all?
If 14 tigers are hidden in the grass, and 5 of them get up to go to the movies, how many tigers are left?

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