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Football Numbers

Count by
Count by
Tackle you,
Tackle me!
Long kick,
Field goal,
3 points scored,
Put those 3 points,
On the board!

Run play,
Pass play,
Count each yard,
Driving forward,
Hits are hard!
Take the hand-off,
Then you'll run,
7 - 14 - 21
You're not the type,
To get shutdown,
Until you score the big touchdown!

28 - 35 - 42
We fight for every yard, it's true,
49 - 56 - 63
Counting by 7 is football's key...
11 players come to play,

Offense, defense
On Sunday...
Q-B leading,
One and all,
Football season?
Must be fall!!
One bowl's SUPER!
What we dream?
The big game's winner,
Is our team!

Who's gonna win this year's super bowl?


Math Challenges
Your team scores 5 touchdowns (7 points each) and makes 4 field goals (3 points each), how many points has your team scored?
If a football game has four quarters, and each quarter is 15 minutes, how long is an entire football game?
Who is going to win this year's Super Bowl?



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