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Five Bees
(adding 5 + 5)

5 bees from hives,
Fry peas and pies,
To please some trees,
Don't ask me why...

5 more bees,
5 more hives,
Fry fries with cheese,
Don't ask me why...

The first
5 bees,
Their peas and pies,
Meet the bees,
With cheese and fries,
10 bees,
Take their surprise,
To the trees,
Let's find out why...

10 bees,
Give gifts to trees,
For holding hives,
So high and dry...

5 + 5 = 10

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Math Challenges
If there are 5 ants on a tree, and 3 leave, how many ants are there on the tree?
If there are 10 bees in a hive, and 5 more show up, how many are there in total?
If each bee has 6 legs, how many legs will 4 bees have?

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