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Dot Poem

Drew lots of round dots,
She dotted mom's dishes,
And daddy's food pots...
pot with dots
She dotted with blue,
She dotted with red,
She dotted her toothbrush,
She dotted her bed!
Colorful dots,
Were drawn everywhere,
She dotted green shoes,
Both shoes of the pair,
She dotted her hats,
She dotted her hair,
She dotted all things,
She just didn't care!
She dotted an apple,
A chair and a bear,
She dotted right here,
She dotted right there!
Dotty was dotty,
Drawing blue spots,
Happy and silly,
She loved dots a lot!
Only one thing,
Made Dotty despair,
When dots she was drawing,
Came out looking square!

blue square

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Math Challenges
Look around the room that you are in, do you see anything that has dots on it?
If there are 8 dots, and 5 of them are purple, how many aren't purple?
One shirt has 7 dots on it, another shirt has 5 dots on it, how many dots do both shirts have together?

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