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Dime in Town

A really round dime,
Rolled down a road,
And screamed, "You should all look at me!
I might be real small, I might be real little,
But no coin is greater than me!"
Nickel looked up,
And laughed a loud laugh,
And stated to dime with great glee,
"You're really not shiny,
You're terribly tiny,
So small like a dog-itching flea..."
"I might be quite small,
I might be quite thin,
That info is totally true,
But you’re worth a 5,
And I’m worth a 10,
I’m double the value of you!"

(even though the dime is smaller than a nickel, it still has a greater value!)

Math Challenges
How many dimes does it take to make 50¢? How many nickels does it take?
If a nickel is 5 cents and a dime is 10 cents, how many different ways can you combine them to make 30 cents?

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