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(eating all 10 digits for supper!)

Give me a scoop of digit soup,
A pinch of number 9,
Add some flakes of number 8,
To go with odds of mine...
Bring a bowl of even stew,
To give me number 4,
And a 5 in liquid form,
The kind that I can pour…
Give me licks,
Of number 6,
A cup of 3 or 2,
Bake a cake,
With number 1,
Digits I can chew…
0, 7,
Aint’ 11,
Brew them in a tea,
Digit drinks are good for health,
For you, and them, and me!
10 my friend,
Are quite enough,
For breakfast,
Or sup,
More than 10,
In a meal,
Would more than fill me up!

Math Challenges
How many different digits are there?
How many of the digits are even? How many are odd?
How many digits are between 4 and 8?
What is the digit that is 2 less than the digit 6?



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