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Commas in Numbers

Count 3 digits,
Write first comma,
It means thousand,
End of drama!
3 more digits?
Second comma!
It means million,
End of drama!
Curly commas,
Lead the charge,
In saying numbers,
When they're large...

4 , 3 0 0 , 2 2 2
  million       thousand      

Four Million, Three Hundred Thousand, Two Hundred Twenty Two

Example 1:
For the number: 45,628

“forty five”
“thousand” (for the comma)
“six hundred twenty eight”

Example 2
For the number: 345,245,323

“three hundred forty five”
“million” (for the first comma)
“two hundred forty five”
“thousand” (for the second comma)
“three hundred twenty three”

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