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Baseball Numbers

This game is played,
From Spring to Fall,
Numbers painted,
On a wall,
outfielder against the wall
Can you guess,
Which game it is?
Not to worry,
Not a quiz!
4 bases,
1 ball,
1 bat,
That's not all...
On each team,
9 players play,
9 full innings,
On most days,
Sometimes extra,
10 or more,
3 strikes,
Has ball
1 large plate,
1 dirt mound,
2 white lines,
Mark the ground,
1 pitcher,
1 to catch,
And at first-base
Balls they snatch...
Not like tennis,
Nor dodge ball,
Baseball's played,
From Spring to Fall!!

Math Challenges
If a baseball game lasts for 13 innings (nobody can score), and each inning takes 13 minutes to play, how long does the game last?
If there are 30 baseball teams, and each start 9 players, how many players have started?
If you have 19 baseballs, and lose 3 of them each day, how many days will it be before you have no baseballs at all?



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