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(less than & greater than)

Alligator, alligator,
In the mood for food,
Looking out for larger numbers,
He’s a hungry dude…

Spies a 7, then an 8,
Gliding through the glade,
Tries to pick which one to eat,
Here’s the choice he made…

8 is always greater,
Next week, next month, next year,
8 is more than 7,
So 7 has no fear…

The alligator’s open mouth,
Wants to eat the 8,
It always goes for bigger numbers,
Because they taste so great….

For the less than and greater than symbol,
the open side (the alligator's mouth) always points at the larger number!

7 alligator greater 8


7 < 8

The smaller side always points to the smaller number!

Math Challenges
Put the less than, greater than symbol between 9 and 5
Put the less than greater than symbol between 15 and 13

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