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Adding 1 + 9
(a ways to make ten math poem)

car with the number one
car with the number 9
1 and 9,
1 and 9,
Raced each other all the time,
Racing day and racing night,
Swerving, screeching outta' sight!
"1's the best!" yelled car 1,
"9's the best!" yelled car 9,
Which one just won record time,
Both race cars raced really fine!
They raced, and raced, and raced to win,
Whose wheels were fastest when they spin?
The races really were real wild,
Scary, faster, never mild!
One day they bumped,
What happened then?
The 2 combined,
To make car 10!
car with the number 10

Math Challenges
If there are 10 race cars and 9 of them leave for the race, how many race cars are left?
If there are 9 race cars, how many wheels would they have in total?
If one toy race car costs $7, how much would 4 toy race cars cost?

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