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Chapter 6: A Warning from Fifth Graders, and a Scary Elevator Operator

"Let's get out of here!" yelled Justin as the horrible hand reached towards them opening and closing as if it was grabbing something.
"Help us!"screamed David, but as he said it, something even worse happened. The students saw that attached to the horrible hand that was coming out of the purple smoke, that was coming out of the elevator, that was inside of Cocoa's mouth, was a little man. He was not any little man, he was a dreadful, ghastly, terrible little man. He was small, he was dirty, but the worst news was that he was
"NO, NOT NORMAN!" screamed the fifth graders all the way from Mr. Fritter's class. The funny thing was that the fifth graders weren't even at school since it was a Saturday.
"Be careful fourth graders," they yelled, "Norman almost got us vaporized 6,547,789 - 4,656,543 times.

How many times had NORMAN almost gotten last year's students vaporized?


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