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Chapter 5: A Disgusting Little Man and a Fake Dollar Bill...

As the students stood there staring at the strange elevator, they heard an eerie sound coming from behind the closed elevator door. It sounded a bit like a little song that went a little bit like this:

Thingamajigee, thingamajigee,
What could you be?
A hot fudge sundae?,
A ship on the sea?

An elevator door?
But who is it for?
It's much too small,
About the size of a ball!

Is it upside-downy?
Or topsy-turvey?
Is it Lopsey-lurvey?
Or just Snopsy-snurvey?

It's sure not shiny?
But it's just in timey,
Meenie, meenie-Mo,
O-Me-O-Me- O- My!!

I think it's a math elevator,
That shoots through the sky!!!!

"A math elevator?" asked Serena, "What's a math elevator? It sounds like something Mr. R would think up."
"I don't know and I'm not sure I want to find out," said Justin.
"Yeah, for some reason the school isn't falling as fast as it was supposed to, but I don't think we have much time left," said David.
Greg dumped the bucket onto the floor and the students counted the money. They looked up at the sign on the elevator to remind themselves of how much they needed, it said:

 One Ride
To center of Earth

In the bucket the students found 5 one dollar bills, 13 quarters, 9 dimes, 12 nickels, and 62 pennies.
How much money was there in all?


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