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Mr. R.'s math music video about multiplying by 10
if youtube is blocked, watch it here 10 times tables


Every time,
I 'timesed' by ten,
Got it wrong,
I'd try again...
Still I couldn't ever get it right,
Times tables trouble,
Day and night...
Old man said,
Hen can fix...
I laughed out loud,
Old man tricks...
Hens don't know,
Their 5's or 10s,
They don't know,
Because they're hens...
Just go give,
Hen a try,
Said the man,
Winked his eye...
I guess it couldn't hurt,
Couldn't hurt you know...


When you multiply it,
Multiply it by 10,
You drop a single zero,
On the end...
When you multiply it,
Multiply it by 10,
You drop a 0 on the end!
When you multiply it,
Multiply it by 10,
You drop a 0,
On the end...
Took my math,
To hen's pen,
Looked at her,
Laughed again,
This was silly,
I knew hens,
Don't know 5's,
Don't know 10's...
Homework said 10 x 6,
I couldn't think of teacher's tricks,
I couldn't multiply,
Multiply by 10...
10 x 6,
Hard for me,
Should of been real E-Z,
Can hen solve it,
10 x 6,
Let's see!!!


Hen grabbed pen,
And hen grabbed pad,
Wrote a 6,
And looked real glad,
She turned around,
An egg she laid,
Right behind the 6,
I was amazed...
Read her answer,
Right out loud,
Old man's hen,
She felt real proud...
The egg made zero,
After 6,
Egg made it 60,
Hen knew tricks...
Then I knew,
I knew right then,
Old man was right,
He was right again,
You should never, never, never,
Never doubt a hen...




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