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Two Octopi
(adding 8 + 8)

Two octopi,
Went to bed,
Tangled legs,
By their head...
Turtle saw,
And Swam,
And laughed,
8 + 8,
Easy math!!!
8 + 8,
Double fun,
But those two,
Will have none...
16 legs,
Tangled so,
Make it hard,
To swim,
You know...

8 + 8 = 16

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Math Challenges
If octopuses only had 7 legs,
how many legs would there be in a group of 3 octopuses?
Do you think a 7-legged octopus would still be called an octopus? Why or why not?
If there are 3 octopuses and 4 dogs in a room, how many legs would there be in the room?

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Two Octopi



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