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Triangle Trouble

Everyone knows,
Triangle's a bully,
Beats down the
Completely and fully...
Pains the
'Til they say please...
Laughs at them loudly,
A 3-sided tease...
Why's he so mean?
This is my theory,
He wants a new side,
And that makes him weary...
Most poly's possess,
More than 3 sides,
Tri's left out,
Not 'one of the guys,'
He'd like to obtain,
Side number 4,
But as he found out,
It's hard to get more!
4 sides!

Octagons 8!

Pentagons 5!

He feels so 3rd rate!

He's insecure,
It's always a bug,
triangle wakes up,
And acts like a thug!
But maybe one day,
That 3-sided shape,
Will accept what he is,
And feel really great!

Math Challenges
A triangle is a polygon with 3 sides. How many complete triangles can you make if you had 28 sides?
The 3 angles of EVERY triangle add up to 180 degrees. If a triangle has angles of 35 and 65 degrees, what is the third angle measure?

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