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Triangle cried,
Triangular tears,
I got points on my sides,
And I haven’t got ears!
I want a round head,
That’s covered with hair,
I want to have 4-sides,
Like Suzie the
Circle rolled by,
You look fine like that,
But if you’re really unhappy,
You can wear my round hat!

triangle song
Triangle smiled,
The hat fit real well,
I'm looking real fine,
And I'm feeling real swell...

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triangle song

triangle math challenges
Look around the room you're in, count how many things you see that are triangles?
How many sides would 3 triangles have?
If you drew 2 triangles and 1 square, how many sides would you have drawn in all?
If there are 9 triangles, and 5 of them are blue, how many are not blue?

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