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Ten Wheels

(adding 7 + 3)

Once I had a bicycle,
That rolled with
7 wheels,

Used it in a fast paced race,
To race two silly seals...

Won a light-blue tricycle,
For winning that seal race...
Tricycles are
3-wheeled bikes,

As ALWAYS is the case!!!
I took my bike, and the trike,
Thought of something good,
Put all the wheels together,
With some glue and extra wood...
Now my bike has
10 round wheels,

A smile's on my face,
I can race a rocket ship,
From earth to deep deep space!!!

Math Challenges
If a tricycle has 3 wheels, how many wheels would there be on 6 tricycles?
if my special bike has 17 wheels, and 4 of them popped, how many unpopped wheels would be left?
If a bicycle has 2 wheels, how many wheels would there be on 9 bicycles?

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