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Giant Green Giraffe
(adding 10 + 10)

  A giant, goofy,
Green giraffe,
Had a ten-foot neck,
Don't laugh!!!
Liked to eat, chocolate chips,
Melt them on his purple lips...
Once he saw a chocolate pie,

Floating high up,
In the sky...
20-feet above the ground,
Floating as it made no sound!!!!
Truly, really wanna' chew,
Chocolate pie,
With chocolate goo!!!
I can't reach,
No can do,
Need that pie,
Thought it through...
Took all day,
Thought some more,
It was solved,
Brain was sore!
10-foot neck,
Stretched 10 feet!!!!!!!!!!
This was not an easy feat!
10 + 10,
Gave him 20,
Hurt his neck,
Wasn't funny...
But that pie,
Chocolate pie,
He got to eat...

10 + 10 = 20

Math Challenges
If you have 2 dimes, how many cents do you have?
If a giraffe's neck is 20 feet long, but it shrinks 5 feet, how long will the giraffe's neck be?
If the pie in the poem had been floating 25-feet in the air, how far would the giraffe have had to stretch his 10-foot neck?

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