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Ten Fingers

If I didn't have 10 fingers,
I couldn't count to 10...

I always use my fingers,
They're better than a pen!

If I didn't have 10 fingers,
I couldn't even add,
Without my trusty fingers,
My math is really sad!
I use those handy fingers,
Don't go and ask me why,
I use those handy fingers,
Like stars light-up the sky!!!
But now my teach is saying,
Do it in my head!
If fingers are forbidden,
I'll use my toes instead!


Math Challenges
If 2 hands have 10 fingers, how many fingers do 3 hands have?
In total, how many fingers and toes do 2 people have?
If a girl is wearing rings on 6 of her fingers, how many of her fingers do not have rings on them?

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