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Square on a Hill

I'm only a square,
Nothing too cool,
Wear my
square pants,
Go to
square school...
I'm only a
Up on this hill,

Enjoying the sun,
And trees if you will...
Only a
Got 4-even sides,
I'm not very magical...
And each of my sides,
Exactly the same,
In length,
That is,
Square's my name...
I'm always a
Can't scurry up trees,
All my 4 angles,
Are 90 degrees...
Pretty darn boring,
That's what they say,
But being a
Is good for today...
I'm up here alone,
On this high hill,
squares never roll,
circles sure will...

I raced
circle up,
He ran and he ran,
But kept rolling down,
To where he began...

Math Challenges
If one square has 4 sides, how many sides would be on 8 squares?
If one side of a square is 25 and 1/2 feet, what is the perimeter of the entire square?

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