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Spooky Street
(adding 6 + 6)

Trick or treat!
Treat or trick!
Pick a trick,
Eat a treat,
6 bags,
With treats and sweets,
Go got them on Scary Street...

Move your feet,
To Creepy Street,
Pick a trick,
Eat a treat,

6 full bags from Scary Street,
6 full bags from Creepy Street,
How many bags of treats so sweet?
How many bags of sweets to eat?

6 + 6 = 12

Math Challenges
If you get 6 bags on Scary Street, and 6 more bags on Creepy Street,
how many bags did you get in all?
How many bags of sweets would you have if you went to Scary Street and Creepy Street two times each?
(you get 6 bags each time you visit a street)
If Halloween is on a Thursday, and the day is October 31. What day of the week was October 29?

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