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Sleeping Spiders
(adding 2 + 2)

2 sleeping spiders start to snore,
Sleeping soundly on my FLOOR,
Sleeping spiders on my FLOOR,
Have you heard a spider snore?

Sleeping spiders on my FLOOR,
But I knew there were 2 more...
Sleeping soundly on my DOOR!!!
Have you heard a spider snore?

Spiders snoring,
2 on FLOOR!
Spiders snoring,
2 on DOOR!
I just hope there aren't more!!!
2 + 2 = 4

I can't sleep,
When spiders snore...

Math Challenges
Spiders are not insects- they have 8 legs each! How many legs in total on 3 spiders?
Insects have 6 legs each. How many legs on 4 insects?
If you have 3 spiders in your room, how many legs are in your room including your own legs?
(remember spiders have 8 legs)

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Sleeping Spiders!


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