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New Hands
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A little boy,
2 hands,
two hands
But really wanted
Went to sleep,
Asked the genie,
"Can I get
2 more?"
He woke up tired,
When he looked,
4 hands is what he had,
two handstwo hands
10 plus 10,
20 fingers,
He really felt real glad!
But that night,
He went to sleep,
The genie came again,
And gave the boy,
2 more hands,
What would he do then?
two handstwo handstwo hands
10 - 20 - 30 fingers,
Oh gosh! Oh gosh! Oh gosh!
10 -20- 30 fingers,
Were to much to wash!
That night, the boy,
Didn't sleep,
He didn't want more hands,
He stayed awake,
That whole, whole night,
He had some other plans...
What he did,
That whole, whole night,
Is something you might ask...
30 fingernails,
It was a whole night task!

Math Challenges
If the genie gave the boy 6 extra hands, how many fingers would the boy have in total?
If the genie made a mistake, and only gave the boy 3 extra hands (that's an odd number of hands). How many fingers would the boy have in total?
If the genie gave the boy 2 extra hands each night for 7 nights, how many fingers would the boy have after the 7 nights? (remember he started with 2)

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