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Count by 4's!
skip count by 4

My best teacher,
4 noses,
4 feet,
4  ‘toeses’…
foot with 4 toes
And those things,
That weren’t 
She tossed outside,
The classroom door…
20, 16
12 and 8,
Made with
So they're great...
8, 12,
16, 20,

3 digits,
Like a bunny!
Not by 1's,
2's, or 3's,
Count by

Math Challenges
Each day, you get 4 pieces of candy from the store. How many pieces of candy will you have after 5 days
If you start on 8, and skip count by 4's 3 times, what number will you land on?
If you start on 3, and skip count by 4's three times, what number will you land on?

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