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4 Flying Fish
(adding 4 + 6)

4 flashy, friendly, flying fish,
6 silly, squishy, slimey, squids,
Took off to gather sweet seashells,
To give as presents to their kids…
All 4 fish found one shell each,
green seashellgreen seashellgreen seashellgreen seashell
All 6 squids found 1 shell too,
gold seashellgold seashellgold seashellgold seashellgold seashellgold seashell
How many shells,
Were found in all?
I know the answer,
How about you?

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Math Challenges
If there are 7 fish, and each found 2 shells, how many shells would there be in total?
If 5 squids had a party, and 8 more squids showed up, how many squids would there be in all?
If there are 9 starfish at a party, and 6 leave, how many starfish are left at the pary?

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