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Samuel the Spider
(adding 1+1)

Samuel the spider,
Slipped down a spout,
We sure were surprised,
When we saw what fell out!
spider with 2 legs
1 blue leg in front,
1 black leg in back,
2 long legs on Samuel,
How’s about that!
Spiders have 8 legs,
That’s usually true,
So Sam's missing 6 legs,
He only has 2!

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Math Challenges
If spiders have 8 legs, how many legs do 3 spiders have?
If a spider buys shoes for each of her 8 feet, but loses three shoes, how many shoes does she have left?
If a spider slides down a spout on Monday, and it takes her 2 whole days to get down the spout, what day would she finally be out of the spout?

Double Number
Music Video

Double Number Music Video
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double number song double number song adding doubles


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