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My Dog Subtraction

You should meet,
My dog,

The main attraction,
Not named Minus,
Not today,
Never called
Take Away,
2 snouts,
3 ears,
3 eyes,
Filled with tears,
5 legs,
2 tails too,
Subtraction dog,
What did he do?
Took away,
One of each,
At least the things,
Within his reach...
Now my dog,
Looks real fine,
2 eyes, 2 ears,
Just like mine...
Subtraction sit!
Here's your treat,

Hold them with,
5 dog feet...

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Math Challenges
If my dog subtraction has 9 ears, and he took away 1 ear each day starting on a Monday. What day of the week will it be when he has only two ears left?
If my dog subtraction has 5 legs, and each of his legs has 2 paws, and each of his paws has 5 toenails, how many toenails does he have in total?
If my dog subtraction has a bowl with 18 cups of food in it, and he eats 3 cups a day, how many days will it be before all of his food is gone?

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