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Multiply by Hen

henegg with a zero on itegg with a zero on itegg with a zero on it

Every time,
'timesed' by ten,
Got it wrong,
Tried again...
Old man said,
Hen can fix...
I laughed loud,
Old man tricks!!!
Just go give,
Hen a try,
Said the man,
Winked his eye...
Took my math,
To hen's pen,
Looked at her,
Laughed again,
This was silly,
Birds like hens,
Don't know
Don't know
10 x 5
Hard for me,
Can hen solve it?
Wait and see!!!
Hen grabbed pen,
Hen grabbed pad,
Wrote a
Looked real glad,
Around she turned,
Egg she laid,
Behind the
I'm amazed...
5egg with a zero on it

Math Challenges
You have 11 dimes, how many cents do you have?
If you eat 10 pieces of Halloween candy for 21 days in a row, how many pieces of candy have you eaten in all?
If there are 160 students in the auditorium, how many fingers are there in total?

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