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infinity symbol

I'll count to a hundred,
Said John-Jay-Joe-Ray,

I'll count to a thousand,
Said Stacey-Grew-Gray...

That's too easy,
Said Mike Jeffrey-Binadee,
I'll be counting,
Right up to infinity!

No way!!,
Yelled John,
Stacey just laughed,
But Michael was counting,
And time?
It just passed...

He counted all day,
Mike counted all night,
He counted in dark,
He counted in light...
He counted for minutes,
For days, and for weeks,
Mike counted so long,
His mouth got the creaks...

He got to a thousand,
Ten thousands too,
Mike was determined,
He even missed school...
Two weeks to a million,
He kept counting more,
Ten years to a Trillion!

His tongue was so sore!!!
His friends were in college,
Mike stuck to his goal,
To count to his number,
Mike had grown old...
His beard was quite long,
His hair was quite white,
But he kept up his counting,
Mike's goal was in sight!

But Mike found out,
It just wouldn't quit,
And he'd never quite get there,
But still there he sits ...

Can you hear him counting?
In the place that he lives,
Saying large numbers,
Like Santa Claus gives...
Mike's still on his mission,
To count to the top,
But I'm just wishing,
One day he might stop...

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