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Eleven Toes
(10 + 0)

Adding is fun,
It makes numbers grow!
I’d like to be adding,
A brand new big toe!
ten toes
Each day, I’d be counting,
11 cool toes,
I'm really hope-hoping,
Another toe grows!
Momma told me,
I can't add new toes,
Not even 1 new one,
And momma, she knows...
Zero new toes,
Leaves me with 10,
But I'll wish for 11,
Again and again...

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Math Challenges
If each of my feet grew 2 new toes, how many toes would I have in all?
If 3 of my 10 toes decided to go to the movies, how many toes would I still have on my feet?
How many toes would be on 3 feet? (each foot has 5 toes)

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