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I'm rolling,
3-60 degrees,
Going in circles,
Rolling with ease...
I go all around,
No start, and no end,
Will roll on a line,
Will roll on a bend...
Circumference, around me,
You'll never get lost,
The shape of the moon,

Or ball for lacrosse...

Diameter, twice my radii,
To find my
You gotta use Pi...
Cool as a circle,
Don't fool around,
Got somewhere to go,
Covering ground...
Yeah, I'm a circle,
3-60 degrees,
Rolling in circles,
Rolling with ease...

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Math Challenges
If a circle has 360 degrees, how many degrees are in a semi-circle?
If the diameter of a circle is 4 feet, what is the circumference of the circle? (use pi)

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