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Addition Limericks

Addition adds up to a sum,
Like 0 plus 1 = 1,
I’d always be sad,
If I forgot how to add,
Addition is math fun...

A 1 plus a 2 makes a 3,
It’s easy to add as you see,
And when I have more,
Like a 6 plus a 4,
My mother's right there to help me...

I add, and I add, and I add,
I added my mom's height to dad,
Together so tall,
They started to fall,
Then crashed down,
And really got mad...

Adding makes everything grow,
It’s very cool, that I just know...
A 5 plus a 4’s,
Not 8, no it’s more,
It’s 9, 'cause an 8 is too low...

Adding, it brings no surprise,
Makes numbers just grow in their size,
And when it's all done,
Your call it a sum,
Learn that and you get the prize!

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