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Adding 1 + 9
(a ways to make ten math poem)

9 and 1, run for fun,
1 won, one run in the sun,
1 runs tons of fun-filled fun runs,
9 runs, runs, but none that 1 runs...
9 and 1 once raced for fun,
At the end,
They made a
They raced so fast,
They raced so fine,
Made a 10 at finish line!

9 + 1 = 10

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Math Challenges
If 9 runs 8 races, and 1 runs 2 races, how many races have they run together?
If each race has 3 students running, how many students would run in 7 races?
If a race is 11 miles, and you have already run 2 miles, how many miles do you have to go?

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adding to ten adding 1 + 9
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