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Ted, The Thanksgiving Turkey
(a thanksgiving math story in rhyme! This one lets students practice double digit multiplication!!)

Thanksgiving is really a fun day,
Thanksgiving is really quite great,
But for turkeys like me that say gobble,
We’re running before we get ATE!
A long time ago I was pecking,
Seeds from the ground in the sun,
When I heard 16 pilgrims were coming,
I knew I had to go run!
The pilgrims screamed,
“We wanna'’ eat you!”
And Squanto screamed,
“I’ll eat you too!”
I answered,
“You won’t ever eat me!
THIS turkey is nobody’s food!”
They chased me through colored fall forest,
Those hunters were right on my tail,
I was screaming and screaming so loudly,
“Chicken and duck are on sale!”

If chicken costs 97¢ pound, how much would 15 pounds cost?

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