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Mr. R.'s Pi Song

Pi (π)

A pi was discovered,
In ancient Greek times,
Didn't have apples,
Bananas, or limes...
apple pie
Unlike desserts,
Those pies people eat,
This pi's a math constant,
But it's still really sweet...
pi symbol
Pi's pretty easy,
It’s 3.14,
It used to confuse me,
But not anymore!
I use it for math,
It's really quite swell,
Although it's irrational,
Pi works pretty well...
Areas of circles?
Try πr 2
It's the cool constant,
It deserves to be shared...
For circumference you need,
A quick formuli,
Here it is mister,
You gotta' use pi!
Yes, pi's the cool constant,
Without it I'd cry,
'Cause I'd fail my math,
chocolate pie
If I tried to use pie...

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If a bicycle wheel has a diameter of 30 inches, how far will it roll in one complete revolution?
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