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Chapter 3: A Very, Very Strange Place to Find an Elevator...

"Well I can talk and I do know where the elevator is!" yelled the angry guinea-pig, Cocoa.

guinea pig (Hey, that isn't a guinea pig!!! And she doesn't look angry even if it was one!!!!)

"Where is it then?" yelled the students, not even thinking it was a little strange to be having a conversation with a guinea-pig.
"Do you think I give that information for free?" asked Cocoa, "What do I look like, some sort of dumb gerbil or something?"
"If it isn't free, what do you want for the information? asked David.
"Well let me think for a minute. Hmmmmmm..."
"We don't have a minute!" yelled Hannah, "The school is going to vaporize! We need that information and we need it now!"
But then Cocoa thought for more than a minute.
Cocoa thought about what she wanted from 2:05 PM until 2:29 PM-

How many minutes had she thought for?


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